Salon de Jazz


Moksha Brothers

In their duo, José Díaz de León and Hindol Deb have composed a series of tunes that integrate their acoustic instruments, sitar and guitar with electronics, synthesizers and loops. Reflecting improvisation in different cultural backgrounds, a recontextualization of sound and machine programming, they open up for anything to happen.

Eyal Maoz & Stefan Poetzsch

Eyal Maoz (NYC) is a composer, guitarist and bandleader. Maoz’s music oscillates between extremely delicate and highly volatile. His work evokes extravaganza of cutting edge experimental and chamber grace. “Maoz redefines what ethnocentric world fusion can be from a mean-streets New York City perspective.” (All Music Guide), and in a 2021 review, Downtown Music Gallery writes:”… Eyal Maoz is one of the best electric guitarists to emerge from the Downtown scene over the past decade plus. Each song here gives Maoz a chance to add his magic touch, crunch or incisive lead guitar licks while never showing off and always in favor of the song they are the center of…”

Violin, viola and live electronics composer Stefan Poetzsch (Germany) is known to realize his partly tonal extensions of his string instruments with ingenious and unconventionally arranged live electronics, while distinctively supporting and emphasizing the natural sound of the violin. His catalog of more than 100 compositions and improvisation projects has often been performed in connection with dance, texts, and painting.

With a strong conviction that now their music is more relevant than ever, the duet navigates the perplexing landscape that exists in the intersection of free improvisation, contemporary, classical music, and rock. The music deconstructs sound while at the same time challenging the hegemony of genre in Western European musical tradition. They are dramatic and playful while insightful of the problematic. They reflect the necessity of improvisation to our lives today.

streaming link: dringeblieben.de/videos/moksha...


Salon de Jazz

Severinskloster 3a

50678 Köln [ Innenstadt ]


Salon de Jazz


Konzerte an diesem Ort

08.12.2021, 20:00 Uhr

Moon Experimental Trio

18.12.2021, 18:00 Uhr


20.12.2021, 20:00 Uhr

Clemens Orth Piano Solo

21.12.2021, 20:00 Uhr

Clemens Orth Piano Solo

22.12.2021, 20:00 Uhr

In Dulci Jubio


Salon de Jazz

Die Adresse Severinskloster zeigt: Der Musiker-betriebene Salon de Jazz ist inmitten des Kölner Severinsviertel zu Hause. Das Programm im 42 qm kleinen Konzertraum ist stilistisch divers: rockiges hat dort ebenso Platz wie freie Improvisation. Der „Salon De Jazz“ entstand im Jahre 2008 aus einer Wohngemeinschaft von Musikern heraus mitten im Herzen der Kölner Südstadt. Er beinhaltet einen ca. 42m² ...