King Georg

Janis Siegel & Mattias Nilsson

Janis Siegel (Vocals) (Manhattan Transfer), Mattias Nilsson (Piano)
In 2024 Janis Siegel, a ten-time Grammy winner and a seventeen-time Grammy nominee will be touring Europe together with the awarded Swedish pianist Mattias Nilsson.
As a member of The Manhattan Transfer, Janis Siegel one of the most celebrated jazz singers has won Grammys (10!) as well as the hearts of audiences all over the world with songs such as Operator, Chanson D’Amour, Tuxedo Junction, etc. Siegel now collaborates with the Swedish pianist Mattias Nilsson who tours the world, both as a solo pianist and also with other artists, a Swedish world star. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear absolutely world-class vocal jazz! “Several passages testify to the creative outlet Manhattan Transfer has been for the solo artist Siegel, whose technique, range and ability to vary are qualities that justify the title voice artist. Fortunately, she belongs to the category that emphasizes the meaning of melodies and verses. Fun deviation occurs when trumpet with sword is imitated. In the finale, the acclaimed equilibrist transforms into an energetic shouter in the vein of the blues. Nilsson skillfully accentuates the sound, letting himself be inspired by the ecstasy of keyboard player model Ray Charles.” “The collaboration is seamless. The duo know where they have each other, indulge in planned improvisational episodes. Nilsson both backs up and is given space to embroider the theme in bridges and stitches. Siegel’s voice excels in either the virtuoso playful or the thoughtfully beautiful. Sometimes she glides on octaves, like an untroubled crooner. Overall it is a fantastic concert filled with phenomenally performed jazz singing and ditto piano playing. /Mats Hallberg – KULTURBLOGGEN (Sweden)


King Georg

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King Georg

Janis Siegel & Mattias Nilsson

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